Program Requirements

The general structure is applicable to the students enrolled in 2021 academic year.

128 credits will be required to complete a four-year program and the graduates will then be conferred the degree of Bachelor in Biotechnology, of which 70 would be core subjects and 58 will be electives. In the first year, all graduates will be located at the Peikang campus and subsequently moving back to the main campus in Taichung for further core and elective subjects. 

Of the 70 core subject credits, 7 credits must be accumulated from these core subjects as shown below:

(A) Organic Chemistry A, Analytical Chemistry A-1 and A-2 (at least 2 credits)
(B) Biochemistry A-1 and A-2, Physiology C (At least 3 credits)
(C) Organic Chemistry Experimentation A, Biological Experimentation A-1 and A-2, Analytical Chemistry Experimentation A (Choose 2 out of 3 and with at least 2 credits)