In order to strive to meet the goals of the national development and the needs of the twenty-first-century, post-genomic-era society, China Medical University founded the Department of Biological Science and Technology in the autumn of 2002. Our master and the Ph.D programs were established in 2006 and 2011, respectively. The goal of our department and institute is to provide educational training, to conduct research and development in fundamental and applied areas of biological science and technology, and to emphasizing interdisciplinary research of biological science.  Specific professionals of us include: (1) integrating the unique features of Chinese herbal medicine with those of Western medicines, (2) utilizing the current medical resources and facilities in the university and the associated hospital, and (3) designing a multi-facet interdisciplinary curriculum which is based on modern life science and combines developmental foci of biomedical industry.


Future Prospects

  1. To establish collaborative ties with biotech companies in Taiwan with a view to fostering mutual bi-directional knowledge & technology transfer & flow
  2. To recruit internationally renowned faculty members thereby forming an international research team in hope of moving rapidly Taiwan’s current biotech industry to the next high level
  3. To assemble into an inter-institutional new-drug-development research team based on our strong CMU faculty members from College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, and College of Chinese Medicine
  4. To offer a Ph.D. graduate program in biotechnology with a view to producing cutting-edge Ph.D.-level biotech professionals