Our department offers an undergraduate program, leading to a B.S. degree in Biological Science & Technology (abbreviated as BST). This program emphasizes both formal course work and lab research training. In order to complete this program, undergraduates majoring in BST need to take a multi-facet interdisciplinary curriculum which is based on modern life science and combines developmental foci of biomedical industry. Typically, they should finish at least 128 semester-credit units of courses before graduating. Out of 128 units of courses, 87 units are for required courses; at least 41 units are for elective courses. Required courses will equip them with a good foundation in biological, chemical, & physical sciences. Also, our dept. along with others of CMU offers lots of elective courses which should allow them to broaden their knowledge horizon or to begin their area of specialization. 

One of the unique features for studying BST at China Medical University (CMU) is that we encourage students to take part in the faculty's research as early as their sophomore year. In addition, our BST faculty members (whose research interests span a broad range of areas in biological science & technology) commit themselves to offering students ample hands-on laboratory opportunities through two units of lab course of Undergraduate Research (I) during their junior year and four units of lab course of Undergraduate Research (II) during their senior year. Every year, many BST students conduct their original research under the guide of our faculty and work closely with the faculty's senior lab-mates and collaborators. Moreover, a significant proportion of their research projects are potential and are funded, on a very competitive basis, by our National Science Council. We believe that providing students with such a vibrant research environment during the early career development of their undergraduate education will foster their independent, hands-on research ability. 

Another unique feature for studying BST at CMU is that BST students are required to take seminar courses as early as their sophomore year, and, in fact, we encourage students to take, as an elective, a seminar course (titled "Literature Review of Biotechnology and Science")  during their freshman year. Taking 6-8 units of seminar courses  enables our BST students to develop the ability to evaluate critically scientific literature.